Best NFT Visualizers 2022 – Show Off Your Virtual Gallery


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NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is an essential discovery that became popular in 2021. This breakthrough has resulted in NFT visualizers. They bridge the gap in the world of art and Crypto.

The NFT visualizers around are few because this is a new trend. But this will change. As more artists become aware of the increasing demand. So, what are NFT visualizers?

What is an NFT Visualizer?

An NFT visualizer is a tool that allows artists to showcase their NFT artwork. The artwork is often displayed to deliver a better viewing experience.

Collectors use NFTs as a token in their wallets, so these tools are essential. Holders can only view the items they buy on NFT marketplaces or decentralized wallets. They don’t have the options for connecting with them. Artists can also use an NFT visualizer to put their collections together in one area. The experience it offers is like museums or real galleries. It allows users to interact with artworks before deciding what to add to their collection.

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NFT Visualizers

Best NFT Visualizers


Users can find and flaunt rare NFTs on Mynt. Also, visitors can use the online interface to open and view items. They can also check items on popular marketplaces like OpenSea. The platform is free to use and gives collectors and artists a place to list individual pieces. They can also group these pieces in a collection.


Spatial is a popular 3D workspace tool. It combines virtual and augmented reality to provide an enhanced experience. This NFT viewer has Spatial’s spacial audio feature which makes it great for communicating and socializing with fellow buyers as you would in a conventional art gallery. They used this to engage new audiences virtually in real-time.

spatial NFT visualizers

Unstoppable Domains NFT Gallery

Unstoppable Domain is a service that allows crypto holders to use shorter addresses. Alphanumeric addresses replace shorter URLs like “.crypto,” “.coins,” and “.nft” extensions.  Instead of using “0x…” for transactions, users can buy “theirname.crypto” as a domain name. Others can send coins using a wallet that supports this shorter domain name.

What is the significance of this for NFTs?

Unstoppable Domains has recently released an NFT Art Gallery feature. This feature serves as an NFT visualizer. Users can get a domain from the marketplace and share their NFTs. They use their personalized URL on supported browsers like Google Chrome or Brave.


CryptoVoxels is a metaverse or virtual world based on the Ethereum blockchain. Artists can build art galleries with CryptoVoxels. They can also use it as an NFT visualizer. It allows them to use the Spaces and Parcels feature to create galleries.


Another prominent virtual world based on the Ethereum network is Decentraland. Collectors wishing to explore popular art galleries might use the metaverse. These art galleries include both static and dynamic artwork by early NFT artists.

Conclusion- NFT Visualizers

Collectors invest time and money looking for the best NFTs to add to their collections. At the same time, artists spend considerable time developing artwork. So, it’s normal for collectors and artists to show off their NFTs to potential buyers.