How To Sell NFT Art


How To Sell NFT Art

NFTs have constantly been making headlines since 2021. The buzz has been so loud that many celebrities now buy and sell NFTs. If you are a creator interested in the NFT industry, you need to know how to sell NFT art. You also need to know how to promote your NFT

Figure Out What An NFT Is

To sell an NFT, you need to know what an NFT is. It would help if you know the basics of creating an NFT and how to sell NFT art. You must also know the right marketplace to mint your NFTs and the techniques for minting. When you do proper research about selling NFT, you can find the type of NFT you want to sell. It also helps you know your target audience and marketing strategy to use.

Make Sure You Want To Sell An NFT

After learning about NFTs, you need to confirm if you want to sell your NFT. Selling NFTs is straightforward, as, in many NFT marketplaces, the process is easy. But selling NFTs goes beyond outing up your file on the NFT marketplace. You may have to do some marketing to create awareness about your NFTs.

If you wish to market your NFTs, you will need to spend on marketing campaigns. You will also spend on minting your NFTs, as you will have to bear the gas fees. Interestingly, you may struggle to get a bid after spending so much. So ensure you put some thought into your decision to sell your NFTs.

Exactly How To Sell NFT

Putting your NFT up for sale on an NFT marketplace is easy. By following the prompts on the platform, you can make your way to selling your NFTs. These quick steps will help you create and sell NFT art.

Create Or Buy Your NFT

The first step to selling NFTs is to have an NFT to sell. You can either buy a ready-made NFT or create yours. If you purchase an NFT for sale, selling it is a click away. But if you are making your NFT, you need to create a physical artwork or item to sell.

Compare NFT Platforms

Once you create your physical art, the next step is to find the right marketplace to sell. There are several NFT marketplaces to sell your NFTs. Some of the prominent ones include OpenSea, Rarible, and Axie.


Create A Digital Wallet

To upload your NFT on the marketplace, you need an NFT wallet. There are several NFT wallets you can choose from, such as Math wallet, Trust wallet, and Metamask. Metamask is arguably the most prominent Ethereum based wallet to use. You can download and set up your wallet in a few steps.


Connect Your Wallet

Once your wallet is set up, the next step is to connect it to the NFT marketplace of your choice. If Opensea is your preferred marketplace, sign in and connect your wallet.

Connect Your Wallet

Upload Your NFT Art File

To convert your digital art into an NFT, you must upload it on the marketplace. You will have to pay some fees for the transaction. Thus, ensure that you have funds in your wallet before uploading your file. 

Upload Your NFT Art File

List Your NFTs

Once you upload your NFT, you will be prompted to set a price for it. Input the price you wish to sell and wait for a bid. 

list your nft