How To Buy An NFT On Opensea 


OpenSea is arguably the biggest and most popular NFT marketplace. On Opensea, NFTs are listed, bought, and sold. It remains the best place to buy or sell NFTs. Buying NFTs on OpenSea is seamless but confusing if you are a new user. Before buying an NFT on Opensea, you need to have created a secure crypto wallet. Metamask is one of the best crypto wallets for your NFTs. After creating your Metamask wallet, connecting it to OpenSea and setting up an account is straightforward.

Connecting Your Wallet To Buy NFT On Opensea

When you visit the OpenSea platform, it will prompt you to connect your wallet.


To connect your MetaMask wallet, scroll to the top right-hand corner of the Opensea website and click on the wallet icon. You will see a prompt to connect to the wallet service of your choice. Once you connect your wallet, then your account is live.

You will be taken to your account’s profile page. Here you can view all NFTs you’ve created, collected for free, or bought. You can also view the NFTs you’ve favorited for potential purchase.

Your default account won’t have a name until you visit the settings cog to customize your account. At this point, you will also get a prompt asking you to sign a quick agreement before you proceed. Once you have signed the agreement, you can now customize your profile. Now you can explore the OpenSea marketplace to buy any NFT of your choice.

How To Buy NFT On OpenSea

Creators who wish to sell their NFTs on Opensea have two options to list their NFTs. They can either set a fixed price for the NFT you wish to sell or set up an auction. The auction allows several buyers to bid on the NFT until there is a winner. Sellers can also decide to use both options to sell their NFTs. This implies that when buying your NFTs on Opensea, you can either buy NFTs at a fixed price or through auction. To buy NFTs on Opensea, you can follow the following process.

Find An NFT You Want To Purchase

The first step is finding an NFT you want to buy by exploring the Opensea marketplace. NFTs have specific properties that make them more valuable than each other. Ensure you review all the information about the NFT. Also, check the price history of the NFT if you want to get into the trading aspect of the Opensea marketplace.

Make A Purchase By Clicking The “Buy Now” Icon

Once you’ve selected an NFT you want to buy, click the “Buy Now” Icon to proceed.

Before finalizing your transaction, Opensea will prompt you to review some details about your purchase. Once you are sure all looks well, you’ll proceed to a checkout pop-up. Here you will review the final cost of your NFT. Next, you will have to agree to OpenSea’s terms of service. Once you agree to the terms of services, you can then click the “Checkout” icon to finalize your purchase.

Once you hit the “Checkout” icon, your wallet will be opened, where you will get a final cost. The final cost includes an applicable gas fee subject to your blockchain choice. Next, click the “Confirm” icon, and the NFT is yours.


Buying an NFT on OpenSea is seamless and straightforward. However, be aware that as profitable as buying NFTs can be, it common for people to also lose their funds. This is because the crypto market is highly volatile, and the process of digital assets fluctuates. In addition, you can also be exposed to scammers who can exploit buyers through phishing or rug pulls. Therefore, ensure you do proper research before buying NFTs.