How to Use Discord to Analyze NFTs for Investments


Discord’s popularity among crypto communities is greater than you might assume. Many people now use Discord to analyze NFTs for investment. This app has recently become engrossed in a large part of the news, trends, or anything else in crypto-land. One could question how this app, became the gold standard for cryptocurrency fans. Furthermore, It’s a platform with advanced technologies that allow crypto business operations, particularly NFTs. So, let’s get you started with how to use Discord to analyze NFTs before investing.

How to Use Discord to Analyze NFTs for Investments

Discord Came Into Play

Discord was founded in 2015 by two game developers with extensive experience. The app’s logo, looks like a superhero mask, a happy face, or a comical stylized crab. The logo hints at the app’s goal of unifying the gaming community worldwide. the software is popular among gamers all over the world. And this is because it allows for the rapid exchange of documents, photos, and voice conversations. According to its website, “everyone from local hiking organizations to art communities to study groups” uses Discord. The NFT communities have now found a home on this app. And they have fine-tuned the goal geared towards the gaming community into an NFT-oriented one. Hard to pick a major reason for that. But, the features are so fitting for NFT communities’ communication and collaborations. At the same time, it also perfects these users’ experiences with a good user interface.

Using Discord To Analyze NFTs

Using Discord to analyze NFTs projects is a very good choice. This is because it is one of the social metrics used to analyze nfts projects. It is also a good place to analyze and find upcoming NFTs to invest in. Also, NFT projects use Discord as a strong media outlet and a business platform. You can carry out analysis can by using Discord through some of the following:

discord channels

Community channels

In your analysis, having access to an NFT community on Discord is critical. And the reason is because the intended customer base for the project. The following data is available through the community channels to help in analyzing:

  • It’s natural to expect a large community here, given that it’s one of the hottest platforms that the NFT community has chosen. Discord has a stat server option that shows the community’s population in numbers. A low population for an NFT project is a warning sign that it is not worth investing in. This could imply ineffective marketing measures, such as hype levels and trends.
  • Discord brings the community and the project closer together. Most good NFT projects have team members on the server. The general channel is for some activities. And they include answering inquiries, moderate spam, fix technical difficulties, and so on. This protects the community from scams perpetrated by strangers.  Also, You can assign the team members different roles on the community server. You can do this with different colored symbols. To make things simple, Discord allows them to arrange themselves in a hierarchy most of the time. The hierarchy include CEOs/Founders, developers, marketers, and advisors usually at the top.
  • The server timer keeps track of all messages sent on the Discord server. It gives you an advantage in determining whether a team has abandoned a project. A growing project community is always engaged, and the community is always interested in what’s coming next. This would show the team’s level of dedication. It also shows how well the project has advanced in meeting the needs of its community members.
  • The regional channels of various languages make up a part of the community. When you think you’ve seen everything, Discord informs you there’s more. The reaction can be about how far the NFT project has moved globally. The type of regions present on the regional channels on a given NFT project plays a great role in the project’s name propagation and selling.

Announcement Channel

This is a crucial channel on the Discord server and offers you the following:

  • This great Discord feature will boost your certainty and analysis to new heights. It acts as a vital link between the community and the behind-the-scenes crew. The channel Is usually handled by project moderators, managers, or team members who are familiar with the project’s package for its community.
  • This channel keeps you up to date on the team’s progress. New collaboration deals, what’s next on the roadmaps, minting dates, floor prices, and so on are all covered in the announcement channel. This is an opportunity to feed yourself to your current level of accomplishment on your analysis.
  • Announcement page handlers are present in the channel as often. And they are very persuasive in so they can keep the community energized and their hopes in control.
  • The channels announcement include sub-channels for community guides, rules, roadmaps, and whitelisted members. There are other topics included in the channels announcement too. Upcoming NFT projects include High-profile individuals in the crypto niche and even beyond as a member to promote the project. Getting on this list also poses a member for further perks. As a potential investor, earning a spot on the whitelist might entail completing routine duties or tasks. Tasks such as responding to a particular number of messages delivered daily or weekly or any other criteria, depending on the project.
  • The presence of the high profile individuals is a green light to invest. This is because the majority of these individuals do not invest in any project. The roadmaps offer insight on what to expect, the quarterly achievements along the line, etc.
  • Checks on the Roadmaps and Whitepapers in the sub-channels help you understand the project more.

Server Bots

These are AIs programmed to assist with specific tasks on the server. Server Bots are used to verify user access to the project server. What are they, and why are they relevant to researchers? They provide live updates on NFT collection trades and market capitalization. They do the same for project rankings on selected NFT markets, rarity or scarcity of NFT collections, and so on. You don’t want to miss those updates; trust me, they’ll lead your analysis to greener pastures.

Task Channels

Most task channels are for airdrops, memes, banner contests, and tweet contests. Projects that engage the community become active. While marketing the initiative using the techniques mentioned above. Active task Channels show community members attempting to become absorbed in the project. At the very least, the strong traffic in these channels indicates that there is a strong community  engagement. This might indicate that the project will do well in the future.